How do I Buy Stocks Myself

, Monday, April 30th, 2012

The actual mechanics of making stock purchases online is fairly straightforward; The first thing to do is open a trading account with one of the multiple platforms that trade on the stock exchange that you have selected to trade on. Once that has been done you need to make a deposit of money with them. Once this has been accepted and your annual charge has been paid you will be given a trading screen on to which you can select and track whatever stock it is you wish to trade in and online you will place a buy order specifying the number of stocks or the value which you would like to commit yourself.

On some platforms a certain amount of leverage is allowed. This means that you are allowed to purchase stock well above the value of your own money and if you sell at a profit the margin on the sale less the trading fee is entirely yours. For example, if you buy $1000 of Wyz corporation stocks, using permitted leverage you may be able to actually purchase $5,000. If, at the end of the day, you can sell that stock for $5250 you pay off the trading fee and the $250 -$10 fee is your margin for the day.

If, on the other hand the value of the stock falls when you decide, or are forced to, sell out and you sell at $4,750 you will pay the trading fee and the leveraged loan back and be left having absorbed a $250 + $10 fee loss for the day. You must also be aware that the trading platform will not allow the total value of your account to fall below the value of loan you have used for leverage. So if in this instance things are going disastrously for you and the value of the stock you bought drops to $4010 an automatic sell order will be triggered and you will have lost the entire $1,000 stake.

It is for this reason that you are recommended to initially open a practice account and make virtual trades for a period before actually committing your own money. Make sure you understand the information that is available to you on your online screen. Understand the trend lines and the regression analyses, the Fibonacci betting, and spread betting. Always be sure you are taking wise decisions based on that information.

Trading platforms really want you to succeed so they make this information available to you as well as their partners trades and membership of online forums to exchange information. But they will never suggest any actual position for you to take. You have as much information as they have it is up to you to take buy and sell decisions based on your own conclusions.

The same is true of paying attention to the advice in the forums. Advice is usually worth what you pay for it. Listen by all means but evaluate by checking with other sources before betting money on it.

The actual buying of stocks is easy. The trick comes in knowing which stocks to buy when.